SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Lyft is now getting in on the scooter game in San Antonio.

The ridesharing company announced Wednesday its new Lyft Scooters in San Antonio.  San Antonio is the second Texas city to get Lyft scooters.

Anyone looking to use one of these scooters will be able to locate them on the Lyft app.  The scooters will be kept near public transit stops and in areas considered to be underserved.

“We want city leaders and the residents of San Antonio to know we are here as a solution partner, to improve transportation flow long-term in a safe, environmentally conscious and equitable manner,” said Odi Agenmonmen, Lyft Scooter Market Manager for San Antonio.

The company said it has been working with the city to find transportation solutions, including working on the Bike San Antonio campaign.

“Bike San Antonio is working to make streets safer for all road users,” said Executive Director Janel Sterbentz. “Many scooter users prefer to travel on the sidewalk because there isn’t enough adequate infrastructure for safe travel on the streets. This has led to an increase in crashes involving scooter users, and made pedestrians feel unsafe and uncomfortable. We are pushing for installation of protected lanes for bikes and scooters that have a physical barrier to make it less likely to be hit by a car. With the generous support of Lyft, we are able to work on the project cyclists have requested most, a protected bike and scooter lane on Broadway Street.”

Lyft said it will continue working with the city to help find ways to help connect people with public transit and make it easier for people to get to and from mass transit.

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