Mail ballots in Bexar County account for 3.4 percent turnout before early voting begins

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – Early voting begins Tuesday at 48 sites in Bexar County, and if the mail ballots are any indication, you can expect a large turnout.  Bexar County Elections Administrator Jacque Callanen said as of Monday morning, her office had received more than 41,000 mail ballots.

“Before the first person votes tomorrow morning, based on the numbers we had this morning, we already have a 3.4 percent turnout,” said Callanen. “I love it, I love it.”

It’s not too late for eligible voters to apply for a mail ballot.  The deadline is October 23, if you are:

    •  65 years or older;
    • sick or disabled;
    •  out of the county on election day and during the period for early voting by personal appearance; or
    •  confined in jail, but otherwise eligible.

If you mail your ballot, you can track it to make sure it gets to the Bexar County Elections Center.  It must be postmarked by 7 pm Nov. 3, and it will be counted if it arrives by 5 pm the next day.

If you choose to hand deliver it, you can take it to the Bexar County Elections Department on S. Frio. You’ll have to enter the building, show a photo ID and sign your name.  You are not allowed to hand deliver a mail ballot for anyone else.

A woman who drove into the elections department parking lot Monday morning was upset that she couldn’t just drive through and drop off a mail-in ballot.  As she drove off she yelled that she was going to “contact the governor’s office” and report “voter fraud.”

Alex Viera and his wife, Carol, had no problems.  They were pleased with the process.   Carol said she wanted to hand deliver her ballot to make sure it got into the right hands.

Meanwhile, workers in the elections department are getting ready to open 48 polls in Bexar County at 8 a.m. Tuesday.  Early voting in the Nov. 3 election continues through Oct. 30.  You can get a list of all of the locations, including the AT&T Center, at the Bexar County Elections website.   You can also download a sample ballot.  Callanen urges voters to review their ballots before heading to the polls to make the process smoother and faster.

“If they do their homework beforehand, when they step into that unit, they’ll be able to finish in about three minutes.  If they’re seeing it for the first time, it’s going to take them longer to get through it,” said Callanen.

She announced that there are now 1,181,842 registered voters in Bexar County.




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