“Major Strasser Has Been Shot! Round Up The Usual Suspects”

I figured I’d write this while Game 2 was on. Like the Spurs, I didn’t seem to be doing anything.

After reading the vaporous NYT story about the Comey memo, and listening to CBS Radio get all “Murrow in London” over it, can I just make one little observation?

The guy who no one trusted and everyone thought had “become political” is now the guy everyone should believe as the sole source of  “Trump Asked If We Could Drop the Flynn Probe”. Right?

If Comey lost credibility with first the Democrats and later the Republicans, who’s left to take him at his word that the president said x, y and z. Saying “I have a memo” is like McCarthy saying “I have a list”.

This isn’t a smoking gun. It ain’t even smoke, at least not yet.

Now, let’s say for the sake of argument (and there will be arguments aplenty) that when Trump and Comey broke bread, the Donald really did say “I hope you can let this go”, regarding the Michael Flynn federal case.

“I hope” is not “I command”. It’s not a threat to kill your dog. In fact, the line attributed to Trump is believable, coming from a guy who’s accustomed to contract negotiations and construction sites. “I hope” you can do this, or come down on that price, or move that pillar from here to there.

Would James “The Last Honest Man in Washington” Comey be thrown so easily? Or, if it perturbed him, couldn’t he scold Trump, telling him firmly but diplomatically to let the FBI do its job? Always ask yourself, what would Efrem  Zimbalist, Jr. do?

Besides, chains-of-command don’t mean much to the former FBI director. Just ask Loretta Lynch.

Or, for something really robust, he could’ve immediately dimed out the Donald to the DOJ, the various oversight committees of the Congress, and just for good measure, CC’d Stephen Colbert and Greg Popovich. If the president’s words seemed terribly wrong, then they merited immediate measures.

So, our man of action waited three months.

I’ll bet Hillary wishes he’d waited three months.

Instead, at that Valentine’s Day encounter with Trump…Comey just…wrote it down.

Or so we are told.

I reserve the right to change my mind if and when we learn more, but right now all I see is the usual suspects.


And I see people who once said you couldn’t believe James Comey when he said today’s Tuesday…now believing him simply because they want to.





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