MALDEF to Represent County in “Sanctuary Cities” Suit

By Bill O’Neil

It’s official–Bexar County will be represented by MALDEF in the legal fight against the State’s so-called “Sanctuary Cities” law.

Commissioners decided to officially retain MALDEF for the challenge–while trying to make clear they aren’t expecting to see any legal bills as a result of the work being done.

“I supported this body in a resolution against SB 4 because I think it’s a stupid law” Commissioner Kevin Wolff told the Court, while still voicing his opposition to the lawsuit itself.

“The only people that win when one segment of government sues another segment of government is whoever is representing them in the courtroom” Wolff said, convinced there will be a cost to the County that results from all of this.

“I do not believe for a minute that this will not cost us something at some point in the future… I know it will” Wolff said.

Now, the Commissioner is convinced he has a very clear role to play moving forward.

“I see it as my job going forward to see that it (the lawsuit) costs us the least amount possible” Wolff said.

Commissioner Tommy Calvert also made clear he will not support the County spending any money on the lawsuit.



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