SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — San Antonio police are investigating after an altercation that led to police officers getting spit on, kicked and headbutted.

Investigators say 36-year-old Jerry Massey showed up intoxicated at a relative’s home Sunday afternoon, one person later taking his keys so he would not drive.

But then police say Massey left the home on foot and was followed by another family member. There was a fight in a nearby parking lot where officers say Massey assaulted the relative and a woman who was in her car nearby.

Later, police say they tried talking to Massey, but then one officer was reportedly spit in the face by Massey. Another officer was kicked in the leg and Massey was charged headbutting one of the same officers after he was taken to the Center for Health Care Services.

Investigators also say Massey made verbal threats against the mothers and children of the arresting officers.

Massey is facing charges including assault bodily injury – family retaliation and the assault of a peace officer. He was given a bond of $41,000, according to court records.