Man arrested in connection to double-homicide in Atascosa County

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — The Atascosa County Sheriff’s Department is announcing the arrest of a man accused of shooting two women to death.

Sheriff David Soward said during a Wednesday news conference Rosendo Jesus Montoya is facing capital murder charges after the bodies of 33-year-old Mary Heinz and 43-year-old Laura West were found.

Investigators say it all started with a reported housefire on Thursday, June 29 in the town of Leming. After firefighters put out the fire, West was found dead and further investigation showed that she had been shot.

ACSO found it odd that Heinz’ car and belongings were at the home, but she was not.

The search for Heinz continued as investigators zeroed in on Montoya as a suspect. As he was under surveillance, detectives say they watched him pull his car up to a dumpster and drop two plastic bags inside of it.

Sheriff Soward says partial human remains were found in the bags and Montoya was later arrested.

Investigators say Montoya confessed to killing both women and directed detectives to Heinz’ remains off the side of a road in Poteet.

Sheriff Soward says he thinks Montoya went to the home to harm Heinz, but that West ended up collateral damage. Investigators also believe Montoya set the fire to burn the crime scene down, but there is no word on whether or not arson charges will be added.

This is a developing story and more details will be given when possible. 

Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office – Resendo Jesus Montoya (July 5, 2023) 

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