SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – We’ve got E-scooters on streets and on sidewalks, even thought that’s a violation of the city ordinance, but have you ever seen one on the highway? Josh Weatherl’s dashboard camera caught a man riding a scooter on IH 35 in Dallas.

The Lime scooter rider starts in the far left lane of IH 35 near the American Airlines Center and then maneuver’s his way across four more lanes of traffic in 15 seconds before exiting the highway unharmed.

“Bro! What are you doing?!” says Weatherl. “Oh my gosh, that is the most wild thing I have ever seen,” Weatherl says in the video.

According to the Dallas Morning News, a measure sponsored by state Sen. Royce West that would have banned scooters from Texas highways failed to get a vote on the House floor during the last session.

A spokesman for Lime says the scooters, which can go as fast as 20 miles an hour, should not be ridden on highways.

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