Man Pulls Daughter by the Hair at Walmart

A Facebook post that shows a man pulling his little girl by the hair through a Walmart Store in East Texas is going viral.

Erika Burch posted those photos on her Facebook page, showing the man pushing a cart with his daughter’s hair wrapped around the handle. Apparently he was angry at her because she wandered away from the basket at the store in Cleveland, Texas.

“It wasn’t just a two-minute, hey get your butt over here deal .   He literally went from one end of Walmart to the other before I stopped him,” Burch told KTSA News.

The child was crying the whole time.

“She was saying ‘Please stop. You’re hurting me. I won’t do it again,'” Burch said.

She took photos for evidence and told the man to stop.

“He starts cussing at me and telling me to mind my own business,” she said.

Burch called police, who told initially told her there were no visible bruises or injuries and the man has a right to discipline his child.

Her Facebook photos of Monday’s incident have gone viral.

“I’ve been contacted by people from as far away as Switzerland, Australia, the UK and Germany,” Burch told KTSA News.

Cleveland police and Child Protective Services are now investigating the case.






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