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Man sentenced for slapping pizza store manager

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — A cheesy act, anyway you slice it.

A Judge in Michigan has delivered a jail sentence to man who slapped an employee at a Little Caesar’s store.

Joseph Thorpe ordered a pie from the restaurant in Livonia, Michigan but when he got home he noticed his order was wrong.

His pizza had Italian seasoning instead of Parmesan cheese.

Thorpe called the store to complain and was told he could get a refund. Instead of simply showing up to get his money back, Thorpe got all saucy. He lunged across the counter and slapped the store manager in her face.

He then ran out of the store, jumped in his car and sped off.

A customer managed to take a picture of his license plate so Police were able to locate him.

Livonia Police Captain Ron Taig says when you see the violence used against the manager, it’s “really beyond comprehension.”

The store manager says she’s going to be more on guard when she’s at work.

Thorpe was sentenced to 20 days in jail.

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