Man shot, stabbed and help captive for more than 24 hours

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Police are investigating a case in which a man was shot in one of his feet, then held captive in a North Side home.

Officers were called to a home on Craigmont.  They were told a shooting had possibly taken place.

As they were driving to the location they noticed a white car in the middle of the street and several people were loading a body into the car.

Officers stopped the car in the 4700 block of Blanco.

A 25 year old man with a gunshot wound in his foot and what looked to be a stab wound in his leg was sitting in the front passenger seat.

The officers tried to get the man to tell them what happened but he wouldn’t talk.

Three other people were in the car with him. They were all arrested after a search of the vehicle uncovered drugs and a handgun. They’ve only been charged with possession because the injured man didn’t answer officer’s questions about the assault.

Officers also searched the home on Craigmont where they found bloody clothing and the rope used to restrain the man.

It appears the incident was tied to a drug deal.

The injured man was brought to the hospital.

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