Man’s Push to Stop Drunk Driving is Very Personal

By Don Morgan

22 years ago, Tommy Moreno had arrived home after spending the day with his family. His phone rang and when he answered it, he heard something that haunts him to this day. His mom had been hit by a drunk driver.

Tommy says he immediately drove back to where he had been enjoying laughter and love with his family just an hour earlier.

He says his mother’s car was ripped in half by the impact of the crash. As he stood there fearing the worst, he learned that his mother had survived the crash and had escaped with some cuts and bruises.

Moreno says it was a miracle she survived the rash and for a long time, it was difficult for his mother to get into a vehicle let alone operate one.

What’s even more unsettling for Moreno and his family is that one of his children was supposed to be in the car with his mother but there was a last minute change of plans.

“Had my daughter been in that vehicle, she wouldn’t be here today.”

Moreno is now a defensive driving instructor in San Antonio and shares his story with his calss when the topic of drunk driving comes up.

However, Tommy’s story is a direct contrast to thousands of others who weren’t so fortunate. There loved ones were killed or seriously injured in crashes with drunk drivers. TxDOT has a website that features stories like Tommy’s and others were the endings weren’t as happy.

Moreno says every time you head out, to a party, a concert or sporting event or any other opportunity you have to drink alcohol, have a plan to get back home.

He says with taxis and ride share being so easy to contact, there’s no reason for anybody to get behind the wheel after having a few drinks.



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