Markley, van Camp and Robbins | April 12, 2021
The Boys are keeping an eye on the latest round of riots, after another police-involved shooting, which left a 20-year-old Black man dead. Dr. Anthony Fauci gets fired up when confronted with his lies about masks, and David Hogg’s pillow company dreams have come to an end. A Biden administration official is questioning the meaning of infrastructure, and a CNN host is desperate to see Tucker Carlson’s vaccine selfie. A homeless guy posed as a USC football player, and he even fielded punts, while only a couple dozen people showed up to protest The Masters. Skinny jeans are out and wide legs are in, according to Levi’s and the denim cycle. A Black Lives Matter co-founder is raking in the cash, and buying up properties across the country. President Biden is considering simply paying migrants, and Prince Harry is back in England after his grandfather’s death, but Megan is not.