Markley, van Camp and Robbins | April 14, 2021
The Boys are still keeping Jamie in the bubble. President Joe Biden discusses the vaccine supply relative to citizens, while House GOP doctors want Dr. Anthony Fauci to answer questions about the border crisis. The mayor of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota says police officers don’t need weapons, and Black Lives Matter responds to criticism of their co-founder. CNN technical director admits they just wanted to get Trump out of office, and Campus Reform finds students that support a voting bill, only to find out it’s Georgia’s law. Dr. Fauci agrees that Tucker Carlson is killing people, and the person most likely to bully your child, is one of their own friends. A woman refused to return $1.2 million accidentally deposited in her account, and a huge number of Americans say they would be in favor of an open relationship. Barack Obama says we need to “reimagine policing,” and invokes the “murder” of George Floyd.