Markley, van Camp and Robbins | April 20, 2021
The Boys are not celebrating 4/20, but a majority of Americans are down to try different weed products. The judge in the Derek Chauvin case blasted Rep. Maxine Waters for her comments, but denying the motion for a mistrial. After closing arguments yesterday, Philonaise Floyd was on The Today Show talking about the trial, and it was announced Capitol Police Officer Sicknick died of natural causes. Greta Thunberg is lecturing the planet on “vaccine nationalism,” and a teacher who raised $40K to help struggling families now owes a ton in taxes. Police unions are blasting a school for their anti-cop “Book of the Month,” and a coffee company will pay $3K for you to take more breaks. Governor Gretchen Whitmer traveled out of state while telling people to stay home, and the idiot mayor of Minneapolis pours gasoline on the fire. Activists are calling for a boycott of Home Depot, because they didn’t condemn the Georgia voter law, and Robert DeNiro is making bad movies to pay his estranged wife.