Markley, van Camp and Robbins | April 23, 2021
MVC&R are channeling Courtney Ann Taylor, a Georgia mother, who spoke passionately against continuing the mask mandate. A Rutgers professor says Ma’Khia Bryant was “having a bad day,” before trying to stab a girl with a kitchen knife. An alternate juror for the Chauvin trial admits they had safety concerns about the mob coming to their house, while another alternate admits she wanted to convict Chauvin, no matter what. Apple can be sued for telling people they can “buy” movies and TV shows, and the U.N. elects China and Iran to the Women’s Rights Commission. Caitlyn Jenner announces upcoming gubernatorial run, and a complete moron uses 80lbs of tannerite for a gender reveal party. Virginia is moving forward on eliminating advanced math classes, and a man who put his father’s ashes into his bowling ball, ends up bowling a perfect game. Ryan Fujitani checks in for Friday to discuss Mortal Kombat, and because of Richter Scale Day on Monday, there’s The Friday Five — Shake, Shaking, and Shook Songs.