Markley, van Camp and Robbins | April 28, 2021
The Boys are missing David today, but Jamie made it back, so Scott wouldn’t have to do an A-to-Z Rock-n-Roll Marathon. President Biden announced the CDC’s new guidelines for masking, saying unless in a group, masks are no longer needed while outdoors. Biden will be giving his first speech to Congress this evening, and bookies in Las Vegas are preparing for a busy night. After walking away from the podium yesterday, the President said he was going to be in trouble for answering a question. We are reminded how close Vice President Kamala Harris is to the Presidency, so we’re also reminded of her absolutely dismal record. Vaccine equity is of utmost importance to the Biden administration, and Joy Reid’s explanation of “vaccine hesitancy.” After losing in the battle for the NASA space contract, Jeff Bezos was teased by Elon Musk for his inability to “get it up.” LeBron James is on record bashing police and calling them names, but apparently he insists on having their protection for himself. With Zoom meetings taking over many business settings, dental work has become the new boob job.