Markley, van Camp and Robbins | April 5, 2021
MVC&R are missing VC, but he shall return for Tuesday. Politicians and companies are lining up to condemn Georgia’s voter law, and the lies surrounding are numerous, to say the least. Governor Kemp is speaking up against the lying critics of his state’s bill, and he points out the hypocrisy behind the outrage. Even Chris Christie went on ABC with George Stephanopoulos to call out the lies. The story on the attack at the Capitol kind of went away, probably because the facts in the case did not support the liberal narrative. Hunter Biden did an interview with CBS’s Tracy Smith, and talked about his memoirs, and his struggles smoking parmesan. We seem to be making some tremendous progress in the fight against COVID, but to listen to legacy media, we are on the verge of Doom’s Day. Cher believes she could have saved George Floyd, if only she had been there, and Joe Scarborough wants the dam schools open.