Markley, van Camp and Robbins | April 8, 2021
The Boys are minus Markley, but Van Camp and Robbins man the fort. Vice President Harris has yet to take charge of the border crisis, and according to Jen Psaki, she’s entitled to a snack. The spin is that this is just a normal border surge, but this far from a normal border surge. A top democrat says we are “on the right path” on the border, and President Biden thinks trains go almost as fast as trains. The Today Show looks at the lack of COVID spiking going on in Texas, and we still do not know the “cause and manner” of death for Capitol Police Officer Sicknick. The talk of boycotting the Olympics is finally beginning, and New York is offering illegal immigrants up to $15K. Caitlyn Jenner has enlisted the help of former Trump campaign manager, and Elon Musk’s business partner says they could make a real Jurassic Park.