Markley, van Camp and Robbins | August 11, 2021
MVC&R know Cory Booker is bad at many things, and dinner theater is now one of those. A school board member claims not masking children makes the kids “murderers,” and President Biden says Governor Cuomo did a, “Hell of a job.” The ratings for NBC’s Tokyo Olympics totally “faceplanted,” and CBS News admits Republicans may actually have a point with COVID, and the border. With critical race theory in action, an Atlanta school is in trouble for segregating students. Senator Rand Paul is suspended from YouTube over COVID claims, and the mother of the alleged Chicago cop killer was arrested for attacking a public safety officer. Australia is a dystopian nightmare, and Bam Margera sues Jackass for kicking him out of the movie. Several major airlines will not require employees to get vaccinated, and someone got an Amazon delivery so large, you can hardly see the house behind it. A teacher from Loudon County goes off, and a Willy Wonka-themed hotel will include lickable wallpaper.