Markley, van Camp and Robbins | August 12, 2021
The Boys have seen it coming, and the migrant surge at the border has reached a breaking point. The education secretary blames parents for possible school shutdowns, and President Joe Biden confuses his energy secretary with the governor of Michigan. Jen Psaki says the Taliban need to make a decision as to who they want to be, and leaked video shows Hunter Biden talking to a hooker, about how Russian drug dealers stole his laptop. A judge orders the release of Jamal Danzy, the accused straw purchaser of the gun that killed the Chicago police officer. Nike claims women’s basketball players are superior to a man who conquered the world, and Tucker Carlson and his guest lay waste to Nike’s woke advertising. Questions about the effectiveness of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, and a business owner talks about the “curveball” of vaccine mandates. Arnold Schwarzenegger is trying to unify people by calling them “schmucks,” and Fox News is the only national outlet that “gained” trust.