Markley, van Camp and Robbins | August 13, 2021
MVC&R are watching Afghanistan swirl swiftly down the toilet, while the Pentagon is withdrawing troops by sending troops. A Florida superintendent is blaming Governor DeSantis for kids who got COVID before school started, and eleven Senate democrats voting against testing illegal immigrants for COVID-19 at the border. More business owners are pushing back against vaccine passport plans, while Demi Lovato scolded people for crowding into Lollapalooza, and then performed at a festival a week later. News outlets claim nearly 6-thousand kids were hospitalized in Texas, but they were off by about 6-thousand. A scientist leading the WHO team which was investigating the origins of COVID reversed course, and admits China was applying pressure to conceal the facts. Justice Amy Coney Barrett tossed out a complaint from students that didn’t want to be vaccinated, and TLC is doing a special featuring a psychic speaking to 9/11 victims. Ryan Fujitani takes the week off, but it’s a hot list for The Friday Five — Best Hot or Heat Songs.