Markley, van Camp and Robbins | August 14, 2020
The Boys are pulling out of the week, just like the Portland police pulled out, after the city refuses to ‘prosecute this criminal behavior,’ the department says. What President Trump actually said about Kamala Harris’s eligibility, and Dr. Anthony Fauci people can vote in person. The CDC is now warning about certain types of masks, and a city councilwoman wants people jailed for not wearing masks. In Seattle, a councilwoman rips the departing police, calling Trump and Barr support, ‘revealing,’ and Black Lives Matter is demanding homes be given to black people. The DOJ determines that Yale racially discriminated against whites and Asians. A Biden staff member shoos away reporters at a campaign event. Unfortunately for Joe, a new poll says the economy is the leading issue of the election, and Republicans lead on that issue. Even the lockdowns couldn’t keep away The Friday Five — Road Songs Edition.