Markley, van Camp and Robbins | August 18, 2021
The Boys are watching the situation in Afghanistan get worse by the hour, and the State Department says they’re taking the situation day by day.” Former President Donald Trump told the leader of the Taliban he would start by destroying his hometown, if they tried anything to hinder our pulling out of the country. The United States is recommending vaccine booster shots after 8 months, and a Texas teacher cries, while comparing the lack of mask mandates to school shootings. A pharmacist faces a decade in prison for selling the COVID vaccine, and The Wall Street Journal has the case against masks for children. The Taliban probably will not be returning the cache of weapons they have seized, and the U.S. government tells U.S. citizens in Afghanistan, “We can’t guarantee your safety.” The Washington Post claims the Taliban is allowed on Twitter, because they play by the rules. A preschool teacher excitedly talks about teaching children about genitals, and a school bus driver shortage has schools paying parents to drive their kids themselves.