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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | August 20, 2021

The Boys don’t shy away from Friday shows, and a White House official claims President Joe Biden, “Doesn’t shy away from questions.” The Pentagon can’t explain why British troops are going and getting people, but U.S. troops cannot. An American teacher trapped in Afghanistan says the situation is “insane,” and an Australian newscast is interrupted by a bizarre “hail Satan” ceremony. Those plastic anti-COVID barriers do not work, and could make things worse. President Biden tells states to use stimulus money to keep unemployment checks rolling, and ABC News appears to have cut 900+ words from Biden’s interview on Good Morning America. In their “insurrection” investigation, the FBI was unable to find evidence of a plot to overthrow the government. The Texas democrats returned to the state, and they consider themselves to be heroes. Lara Logan challenges the media to ask certain questions about Afghanistan, and the former captain of the Afghanistan female football team to burn their uniforms. One of the biggest stories in America that no one is talking about, and celebrating Little League with the Friday Five — Best Little Songs.

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