Markley, van Camp and Robbins | August 21, 2020
**CORRECT AUDIO** VC&R are celebrating the end of the Democratic National Convention, after Joe Biden accepts the presidential nomination. President Trump wonders why the democrats are not talking about law and order, while Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s introduction is physically painful to watch. Joe Biden says he’ll put a mask mandate in place, Governor Andrew Cuomo blames hospitals for the deaths of coronavirus patients, saying they didn’t do a good enough job. Mayor Lori Lightfoot blocks off her street to prevent protests, and the mayor of Pittsburgh says, “Don’t protest in front of my house.” The Kansas City Chiefs ban headdresses and face paint, but Bud Light is looking to hire a ‘Chief Meme Officer’ for $5K/month. Also, in honor of the DNC, The Friday Five — Bad Songs Edition.