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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | August 27, 2021

MVC&R have suspected that President Joe Biden is not actually the leader of our country, and he pretty much confirmed it at a Thursday press conference. The Biden administration is realizing it was a bad idea to allow the Taliban to provide security, and former President Trump points out the highest level of stupidity this country has ever seen. Politico interviewed democrats on Afghanistan, and it was absolutely brutal. Joe Rogan is not a fan of vaccine mandates for his shows, and kids are pranking their parents in scholarship videos, by lying about how hard their life was. A Los Angeles Times writer had some harsh words for parents opposed to mask mandates for students, and natural immunity to COVID could protect 13-times more than the Pfizer vaccine. Ryan Fujitani returns to discuss the latest cinema news, and a Friday Five for all the heroes — Best Hero Songs.

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