Markley, van Camp and Robbins | August 3, 2021
VC&R required a vaccine passport from Jamie, and he didn’t have one. Not really, but New York City is going to start requiring vaccinations, and the White House struggles to explain why it’s okay for former President Obama to have a birthday bash. The former DC police chief blames Republicans for officer suicides, and a democrat hopes Senator Lindsey Graham dies from COVID. Now chipmunks have the plague, and Governor Andrew Cuomo is in big trouble. The View believes people don’t like Vice President Harris because she is black, and Twitter is trying to be the New Ministry of Truth. A former Biden COVID advisor admits they know cloth masks do not work, and a Republican lawmaker investigating COVID origins says, “This is the greatest coverup in human history.” An impeachment witness claims Trump’s removal would have prevented every coronavirus death, and the White House lied about Florida, again. The hammer thrower failed to medal, and a little boy released a butterfly, then the dog ate the it.