Markley, van Camp and Robbins | August 5, 2021
VC&R are glad not to be on Governor DeSantis’ bad side, and for the third time the governor slammed President Joe Biden. The White House says they’ll break the law, and we’ll like it. The wonderful governor of New Jersey has some words for those protesting the vaccine, and an absolutely insane argument for defunding the police. Senator Rand Paul tees off on the idea of masking your children, and New York democrats say they’re seriously considering impeaching Governor Andrew Cuomo, this time. Governor Cuomo denies singing “Do You Love Me” to a staffer, and the mayor of DC says only conspiracy theorists think she broke the rules. There’s a new tax in the new infrastructure deal, and the White House says people don’t care about the President violating the Constitution. Mexico is suing US gun manufacturers, and no one knows who the supposed Alex Trebeck replacement is.