Markley, van Camp and Robbins | August 6, 2021
The Boys have been vaccinated, along with 350 million other Americans. CNN claims 58% of Republicans will definitely not get the vaccine, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi praises “courageous” lawbreaking. CNN fired three employees for not getting vaccinated, and a guy gives instructions on speaking the new language, “Bidenese.” Nike’s CEO gave some A+ McGurkin on China and human rights, and Politico claims Republicans are salivating over Cori Bush. Unemployment drops to 5.4% after the July jobs report comes out, and property owners are suing to get their money. President Biden compares January 6th to the Civil War, suggesting it was worse, and also pretends not to know who Governor DeSantis is. A woman files a criminal complaint against Governor Andrew Cuomo, and the four-leaf clover is 23rd on a list of top lucky charms. Ryan Fujitani returns to talk about “The Suicide Squad,” and puckering up for the Friday Five — Best Kiss Songs.