Markley, van Camp and Robbins | December 1, 2020
MVC&R are not breaking any COVID restrictions that they know of. The Los Angeles County supervisor went out to eat, after voting for a ban on outdoor dining, and the mayor of San Jose traveled to see his elderly mother for Thanksgiving. The Georgia Secretary of State opens 250 investigations into ‘credible claims of illegal voting,’ while Black Lives Matter claims Black Lives Matter is a scam. A monolith identical to the one in Utah has appeared in Romania, and the media is upset that President Trump is having a Christmas party. A woke celebrity admits she used to hide behind being liberal to get away with saying offensive things, and Senator Joe Manchin fires back at AOC saying, “She’s more active on Twitter than anything else.” Local BLM chapters accuse the national foundation of hiding ‘untold millions of dollars,’ and the world’s favorite Christmas movies, including Germany’s weird taste.