Markley, van Camp and Robbins | December 14, 2020
The Boys won’t be getting the vaccine today, but America is, and President Trump congratulates the world. According to NBC News, “Fresh Emails” have raised questions about Hunter Biden, while Joe Biden says he is proud of his son. A CNN anchor claims it is unfair for Fox News to cover the Hunter Biden email story, and Trump says he will declassify everything over Democrat lying and treason. As the electors gather to make their choices official, Trump discusses Democrats saying, “They didn’t run a good race. They cheated.” Portland businesses are having trouble getting insurance in the aftermath of the ‘mostly peaceful protests.’ Johnny Bench sold off some baseball memorabilia, and a friend bought it and gave it back to him. The Cleveland Indians have dropped the “Indians,” and a woman scored in a major college football game for the first time. Tulsi Gabbard destroys critics of her bill to keep biological men out of women’s sports, reminding them that it’s, “Based on science.”