Markley, van Camp and Robbins | December, 14, 2021
The Boys are watching inflation get out-of-control, as wholesale prices reach record breaking levels. The January 6th Committee engages in the greatest self-own in history, and Vice President Kamala Harris is mocked after demonstrating how to use an electric car charging station. A high ranking democrat is truly worried black people are going to be denied the right to vote, and talking about President Biden’s Afghanistan debacle, one general says the U.S. lost 98-99% of its capability to track terrorists in the area. The White House has nothing to say about the disastrous police reforms, and the state of California reinstates the mask mandate. Florida governor Ron DeSantis is urging voters across the country to punish democrats for pandemic restrictions, and Don Lemon wonders why Fox News is allowed in the White House briefing room.