Markley, van Camp and Robbins | December 2, 2020
The Boys are not firing back, but the DOJ is firing back at new organizations that are claiming the voter fraud probes are over. The United Kingdom approves the Pfizer vaccine, and expects the first shots will roll out next week. CNN claims publishing secretly recorded audio is a crime, and a mayor apologizes for breaking the COVID rules, but blames it on his big family. Barack Obama is catching backlash after saying ‘Defund the Police’ didn’t do democrats any favors, while the Minneapolis city council is trying once again to defund their police department. Adam Schiff is saying the special counsel investigation is politically motivated, and a woke MSNBC contributor is defending slavery at the Supreme Court. The original “Lockdown Mayor” also went to the swanky Wine Country restaurant, while a writer claims COVID has turned us into “serial killers.”