Markley, van Camp and Robbins | December 22, 2020
The Boys don’t hate you, but Congress does. The Trump administration deserves some credit, and this is according to Joe Biden. Ilhan Omar is not too happy with lawmakers like AOC getting the Covid vaccine first, and Dr. Fauci says not to overreact to the new variant of Covid-19. Rudy Giuliani distances himself and Trump’s legal team from Sidney Powell, even as she keeps appearing at the White House. A pricey New York City private school issues an “antiracism manifesto,” and you can guess as to the outcome in that situation. Governor Andrew Cuomo claims Santa is going to be very good to him this year, while Van Morrison points out politicians, “Haven’t missed a paycheck since lockdown began.” Dr. Deborah Birx defends herself over post-Thanksgiving trip during pandemic pushback, and more Americans are traveling to Mexico’s Riviera Maya than ever before. Dave Ramsey explains why they spent $10 million to pay off debt for 8,000 people, and most Americans plan on getting a second job in 2021.