Markley, van Camp and Robbins | December 8, 2021
The Boys were not impressed by President Joe Biden’s meeting with Vladimir Putin, and the embarrassment that America is now on the world stage. Over 100 Los Angeles firefighters were suspended without pay, because they failed to comply with the city’s vaccine mandate, and schools are continuing their mask mandates despite evidence masks don’t work. Seth Rogen is blaming white supremacists for the negative reception of his holiday movie, but seems to be oblivious to the fact that “Santa Inc.” sucks. With trans-gender athletes dominating across the country, Kara Dansky has the courage to speak out against this attack on female sports. Chris Cuomo’s book has been nixed by HarperCollins, and more on the myth of the crime spike, as carjackings are up 80% in New York City. Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial continues as we are seeing new photos seized from Jeffrey Epstein’s residence, while California school administrators bribed a child with pizza, so he would get the COVID vaccine without parental consent.