Markley, van Camp and Robbins | February 22, 2021
MVC&R don’t have any recommendations for people after they have been vaccinated, and neither does the Biden administration. President Joe Biden continues to claim there was no plan to vaccinate people, and the claims that the Super Bowl was a super spreader event were super lies. A top teachers union official says kids are learning resilience by keeping schools closed, and a professor says he does heroin to maintain a work-life balance. The new TikTok Balance Challenge is easy for women, but dangerous for men. Biden’s Attorney General pick won’t commit to releasing findings of the Trump-Russia investigation, and NBC News criticizes Florida governor DeSantis for vaccinating old people. President Biden once again sides with teachers unions over children, and The Muppet Show is now offensive according to Disney+. Harry is now the royal formerly known as Prince, and Coca-Cola needs to stop being so White.