Markley, van Camp and Robbins | January 14, 2022
MVC&R are thinking of super soft birthday parties after Jen Psaki talks about bunnies and ice cream, and the FDA gives the okay to use one million  expired COVID tests. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky cited a debunked Arizona mask study, and Novak Djokovic is on track to be deported from Australia. It isn’t quite clear whether or not Governor Ron DeSantis was taking a dig at Trump, and the DOJ charges the founder of Oath Keepers with “seditious conspiracy”. Candace Owens goes off on “most annoying celebrity” Demi Lovato, and a left-wing activist compares the filibuster to Russia invading Ukraine. A woman put her cat in the hospital after threatening it with a timeout, and Alec Baldwin’s wife posted a rather bizarre photo. An earworm is the first video on YouTube to hit ten billion views, so that served as the inspiration for this week’s Friday Five – Greatest 80’s Music Videos.