Markley, van Camp and Robbins | January 26, 2021
The Boys never said they would shut down the virus on Day 1, and President Biden is saying neither did he. The World Health Organization is saying it’s too soon to say whether the outbreak started in China, and Joe Biden says we need ventilation systems before kids can get back to school. Dr. Anthony Fauci is once again changing his recommendation on mask-wearing, yet he raked in the largest taxpayer-funded salary of 2019. The governor of California scoffs at the idea that he lifted stay-at-home orders for political reasons, while Tom Brady is friends with Donald Trump, but was dealt with differently than Colin Kaepernick. A Keystone Pipeline worker speaks his mind, and mayor Ted Wheeler pepper sprayed a guy. A 7-Eleven is going up on Airbnb for all-night gaming sleepovers, and Eric Swallwell tells Jake Tapper he did no wrong.