Markley, van Camp and Robbins | January 5, 2021
MVC&R do not own CNN, but the governor of Florida officially does. President Trump and Joe Biden got head-to-head for Georgia’s runoff election, while Kamala Harris seems to have plagiarized a Martin Luther King Jr. interview. The New York Times don’t seem to have a problem with China’s version of freedom, and Dominion Voting Systems are getting ready to sue. Democrat Tulsi Gabbard blasts her party over the gender language removal, but Tom Brady and Russell Wilson changed game plans to ensure their receivers got their bonuses. The mayor of New York City speaks the truth for once, while Antifa reportedly attacks the home of GOP Senator Josh Hawley. The majority of nursing home residents have not been vaccinated, and there is quite a holdup with vaccines in Oregon. Hank Johnson believes Trump supporters should be treated like “negroes,” and apparently the Best Children’s Music Grammy category is racist.