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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | January 7, 2021

MVC&R did not storm the Capitol on Wednesday, but as a result 4 people are dead, and another 52 have been arrested. Antifa expert, Andy Ngo, says those were not Antifa members at the Capitol, while the guy who occupied Nancy Pelosi’s office left her a quarter. Joe Scarborough is holding the cops responsible for the Capitol breach, saying they “opened the door” for rioters because they were White. A woman that stormed the Capitol was a bit surprised when she caught a face full of mace, and “mostly peaceful” is not a phrase being used to describe yesterday’s protest. Facebook will ban and delete all photos and videos of the Capitol riots, and a Texas Republican just wants the “jackasses” prosecuted. Chuck Schumer compares the Capitol siege to Pearl Harbor, and the Jeopardy champ had something to say about the woman shot and killed at the Capitol.

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