Markley, van Camp and Robbins | January 7, 2022
The Boys are taking a look at another disappointing jobs report, and Tucker Carlson calls out Senator Ted Cruz for his “terrorism” comments on January 6th. CBS buried poll results showing most Americans of both parties believe January 6th was “a protest that went too far”, and AC/DC’s music is too expensive for Cobra Kai. Advisers “plea” with President Joe Biden to change his coronavirus strategy, and WaPo is extremely late in issuing a correction to a fact check about Senator Tom Cotton. A year after January 6th, the elites are perpetuating a double standard, and Taco Bell has launched its $10 monthly subscription. The CDC director is reportedly meeting with media coaches, while Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd drooled over President Biden’s speech. The Manhattan district attorney defends the pro-crime policy, and The Friday Five have you covered – Bands Whose Biggest Hit Was a Cover.