Markley, van Camp and Robbins | July 14, 2021
VC&R wish M well, as he prepares for his daughter’s wedding. President Joe Biden believes the GOP’s voting laws to be as great a threat to our democracy as the Civil War, and some are saying it’s like the KKK. A Texas democrat is calling for a federal takeover of elections, and President Biden lifts some sanctions on Iran. The media circles the wagons trying to force Biden to call for an end to the filibuster, while the Department of Homeland Security tells Cubans to stay out. Dr. Anthony Fauci is recommending children over the age of 2 mask up, and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s COVID cover up was worse than we thought. Germany takes action against Big Tech censorship, and the state of California backs off of “woke math.” So much for that “bipartisan” infrastructure bill, and the FBI is politely asking you to monitor your friends, and family. The mayor of Miami tosses out the idea of bombing Cuba, and a liberal activist and pollster says there indeed may have been a Red Wave.