Markley, van Camp and Robbins | July 15, 2021
The Boys are more than able to say that communism is bad, but those in the White House just are not capable to do the same. One of the Texas democrats claims they didn’t want to vacate their responsibility, and they in fact cried when they were leaving their families. Audio from the Richard Sherman 911 call has been released, and an unfortunate typo sends a dog owner into a panic. The White House now wants legal immigration, and Pitbull makes a better case for the Cuban people, than our own government “experts.” A longtime democrat says the superwoke are killing us, and State Department asks the U.N. to send people to help with “systemic racism.” Soccer actually got better rating than the NBA Finals, and Chrissy Teigen says it sucks being part of the “cancel club.” Only one in four Olympics fans would want to attend in person this year, and two out of five Americans would reject a trip to the Moon, even with a guaranteed safe return.