Markley, van Camp and Robbins | July 27, 2021
The Boys are fully-vaccinated, but the CDC says mask up anyway. Adam Schiff compares the Capitol riot to 9/11, and China is mad at Reuters. Governor Andrew Cuomo insists he has been telling the truth about the coronavirus, since the beginning of the pandemic. President Joe Biden says the combat mission in Iraq has ended, and people are not interested in defunding the police. The governor of California compares the unvaccinated to drunk drivers, and a teacher told students to hide an “equity survey” from their parents. An ESPN writer was troubled by American flags at the Tokyo Olympics, and a “racial justice” group threatens to harass white people who send their kids to good schools. An entrepreneur started a bank to fund Christian charities instead of Planned Parenthood, and a teen from Alaska won at the Olympics. Megan Rapinoe says the media need to “get better” with criticism of women’s sports, and Major League Baseball is testing new anti-sign stealing technology.