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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | July 28, 2021

MVC&R are doing their best not to spread the coronavirus. No, really. According to the CDC, the vast majority of people that are getting and spreading COVID are the unvaccinated, so the vaccinated people need to wear masks. Simone Biles says Naomi Osaka inspired her to focus on her “mental health,” and PolitiFact “fact checks” an obviously fake Olympics moment. President Joe Biden is not worried about confusion coming from the CDC, and Texas police learn COVID-positive illegal immigrants were sent to local hotels, after a Whataburger incident. The President basically says unvaccinated people are dumb, and a public official says, “The voluntary phase of COVID vaccines is over. Coca-Cola spoke out against the Georgia voting law, but thy are curiously quiet when it comes to China’s genocide. A gunman opens fire in broad daylight in New York City, forcing a woman pushing a baby stroller to flee. Why are white liberals more likely to support the defunding of police, and what is a job that sounds really cool, but actually sucks?

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