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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | July 7, 2021

The Boys have no plans to go door-to-door soon, but President Joe Biden wants to send vaccine “strike forces” to your home. Twitter restricted the account of a professor who mocked China’s leader, and the Japanese government declared a state of emergency due to the coronavirus, just two weeks from The Olympics. Sha’Carri Richardson is officially off the U.S. Olympic team, and the former president of Afghanistan would not welcome back the United States. Actress Rosanna Arquette calls for an end to Independence Day fireworks, and people have begun assaulting horses in New York. A student from the University of Chicago died after being hit by a stray bullet, while riding a train home from an internship. Children were expelled from school because their moms were against CRT, and five biological women were banned from Olympic events, due to elevated testosterone levels. Former President Trump is suing Twitter, Facebook, and Google, and American men are going through a friendship recession. The president of Haiti was assassinated overnight, and the Chinese state media is mad that the United States isn’t sharing enough COVID vaccines.

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