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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | July 8, 2021

MVC&R have been vaccinated, but Dr. Anthony Fauci wants you to get over it, and get yourself vaccinated. Job openings stayed at a record high of 9.2 million in May, and a top fact checker debunks the Biden administration’s claims that Republicans want to defund the police. The Biden administration will shift nearly $1 billion in COVID funds, in order to fund housing for migrant children at the border. President Joe Biden claims he created millions of jobs, and the HHS Secretary says it is the government’s business to know if you’re vaccinated. Boris Becker is catching heat for daring to say a tennis player’s fiancée is “very pretty,” and Chicago schools are offering condoms to fifth graders. The NSA was in fact checking in on Tucker Carlson, and China says Japan is, “Digging its own grave.” A burglar broke into a house, made waffles, blew up the bathroom, and also did laundry.

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