Markley, van Camp and Robbins | June 1, 2021
MVC&R always knew defunding the police was a terrible idea, and the Washington Post seems to have realized de-policing in Portland has negatively impacted black people. After President Joe Biden calls for a pandemic probe, China State Media announces China must prepare for nuclear war with the United States. ABC News discusses the lab leak theory, and they admit, turns out some things President Trump said were true. John Cena’s groveling wasn’t enough since the the new F&F movie flopped in China, and after attacking the Colonial Pipeline, hackers come after America’s meat. China is shutting down flights due to a COVID variant, and a giant American flag is stolen from a veterans cemetery, over the Memorial Day weekend. Campus Reform encounters students that believe celebrating Memorial Day is “imperialism,” and public school enrolment in New York City plummets.