Markley, van Camp and Robbins | June 10, 2021
The Boys have had Dr. Anthony Fauci on the radar, and now he’s on the radars of more and more people. Dr. Fauci is taking issue with his critics, and he says if you are doubting him, then you are doubting the science. Parents all across the country are speaking out against critical race theory in school curriculum, and a New York mother gave the local school board an actual education. After the inspector general’s report on President Trump’s LaFayette Square “photo op,” NBC News has confirmed the long suspected liberal media agenda of fake news. The Biden administration had put Vice President Harris in charge of fixing the border crisis, but it turns out she is only investigating the root causes of the crisis. One writer believes there is no actual crisis at the border, and the criticism of the Vice President simply stems from racism. A doctor with two medical degrees rapidly destroys critical race theory, and a completely unprepared white guy proves not all white people are intelligent. The war against mothers is ramping up as we learn more about the complexities of “birthing people,” and a Politico poll says almost a third of Republicans believe Donald Trump will be reinstated as President this year.