Markley, van Camp and Robbins | June 18, 2021
The Boys are glad Dr. Anthony Fauci can finally recall the meeting about how COVID looks like it was engineered in a lab, and CNN has once again shared Chinese propaganda. Experts are saying the lockdowns crushed the middle class and helped the wealthy, as Florida governor Ron DeSantis gives clemency to people who got COVID fines. MSNBC’s JOY Reid claims Republicans want to ban students from learning about Juneteenth, as another moron finds out shock collars hurt a lot. A congressman blasts Vice President Kamala Harris for laughing, while the “Florida Whistleblower” stalked, and tried to ruin the guy who fact checked her. Mayor Lori Lightfoot declares racism a “public health crisis,” and she diverted $10 million in COVID funding. People who are nervous about the world opening back up may have “cave syndrome,” and it doesn’t seem that illegal immigrants got Vice President Harris’ message not to come. The average person snaps at a loved one once a week for no reason, and Joe Rogan destroys Brian Stelter, and his show. Rotten Tomatoes’ Ryan Fujitani has the latest from Disney+ for the weekend, and because a magazine made a poor attempt at a best of list, The Friday Five — Best Cover Songs Edition.